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Free Jack-o-Lantern Patterns

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils


If you're not that much of an artist, you'll find these free jack-o-lantern patterns quite handy. Just click on an image below and follow the instructions to print it out. Cut out the black areas to use them as Halloween stencils and paint the face on, or, treating them as templates, slice right through with an Exacto knife.

These free carving stencils are copyrighted to David Beaulieu (licensed to About, Inc.). They are intended exclusively for use by private individuals interested in carving jack-o'-lanterns. My free jack-o-lantern patterns are not intended for commercial usage or for use on other Web sites.

For more pumpkin templates, please see my scary pumpkin stencils.

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Free jack-o-lantern patterns for your Halloween pumpkin carving.Free Pumpkin PatternsThis free jack-o-lantern pattern is for a scowling Halloween pumpkin design.Halloween Pumpkin Stencilfree Halloween pumpkin design Free Jack-o-Lantern PatternsWerewolf pumpkin carving pattern.Werewolf Pumpkin Pattern
Use this free Halloween pumpkin pattern for your carving needs at Halloween. Scary Pumpkin PatternUse this pumpkin face as a stencil for Halloween crafts.Fall Pumpkin FaceMedusa artwork is a natural for Halloween, as the gorgon is easily associated with witches.Medusa Pumpkin Face
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