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Jack-O-Lantern Face


The jack-o-lantern face pictured in this free Halloween pumpkin stencil has a grimace a mile long!
This free jack-o-lantern pattern is for a scowling Halloween pumpkin design.

This free Halloween pumpkin stencil is for a scowling jack-o-lantern design.

David Beaulieu

Transpose his long scowl onto a Halloween pumpkin and put a scare into the Trick or Treaters! The size of this free Halloween pumpkin stencil is about 5 inches x 5 inches. That's about right for a jack-o'-lantern of a medium-size.

Can't locate the Print button? It's in the upper right-hand corner, top of the page (the printer icon). You'll see a Share button up there, too; use it to share this design with people you know who might also need a little help carving their pumpkins this fall. Once you get used to employing a template, you'll never go back to carving freehand again (I know I won't!).

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