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Werewolf Pumpkin Pattern

Free Pumpkin Carving Template


Tired of the same old jack-o-lantern faces for pumpkin carving? Use my werewolf pumpkin pattern as a template to create a cool design on a jack-o-lantern this fall. Wondering how to print out the design? Let me direct you....
Werewolf pumpkin carving pattern.

Werewolf pumpkin pattern.

David Beaulieu

Can you see the "Share" link with the plus sign next to it, above right? Good. You should be able to see the printer symbol up there, too. Click on the latter to initiate the print process. Lay the resulting printout on your pumpkin, using it as a stencil. That way, when you begin carving, you have a guideline to go by.

Since you've already located the Share link, I don't have to tell you where that is. Go back to it and share this find with your friends. It's a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

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