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Gain Decorating Ideas With My Halloween Pics, New England Fall Foliage Shots


New England fall foliage leading up to Halloween time is spectacular and is often the inspiration behind landscape design work both within and without the region. Please scroll down the page for the clickable thumbnails, which are free for the viewing (but for free Halloween pics to download, see the clip art link in the sidebar).

This gallery tries to capture the essence of New England in the fall, through pictures. Pictures of Halloween pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns are de rigueur, of course. But the colorful foliage and harvest scenes of the New England fall landscape also complement its quirky Halloween decor.

For photo galleries focused entirely on decorating with ghosts, witches, scarecrows, etc., please see:

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Picture of fall leaves. It is the sweetgum tree whose fall leaves are featured in this photo.Picture of Fall LeavesPumpkin picture showing Halloween display with giant pumpkin.Pumpkin PicturePicture of burning bush. Winged Euonymus PictureFree Halloween pics showing New England fall foliage.Halloween Pics
Ceramic jack o lantern photo. Angel's trumpets hovering over jack o lantern.Photo of Ceramic Jack-O'-LanternPicture of gourds.Picture of GourdsPicture of locust tree.Picture of Locust TreePicture of maple tree. Picture of Yellow Maple Tree
Jack-o-lantern picture.Picture of Halloween Jack O LanternPicture of red maples.Red Maple PhotoBlack cat picture. This Halloween black cat sits on a Jack o lantern.Halloween Black CatPicture of Frankenstein as a Halloween decoration.Frankenstein Monster
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