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Pictures of scarecrows can get your creative juices flowing as you attempt to beautify your yard. Sick of displaying the same Halloween scarecrow every year? These pictures will give you fresh ideas for fall decorating themes.

Some of these pictures were shot at the Pick'n Patch in Stanley, NY, which decorated its grounds in the fall of 2011 with a Halloween scarecrow display. Combining scarecrows with wood cut-outs, they created an ensemble inspired by Mother Goose nursery rhymes! Besides drawing customers, such Halloween scarecrow displays are a great source for decorating ideas to use in your own yard.

An array of decorating possibilities resides under the deceivingly simple banner, "scarecrow." You can create Halloween scarecrows to convey a range of emotions, from scary themes to the downright comic. The trick (or treat) often lies in how they're displayed, which gets us into the arena of props; I show examples in my pictures. View my Scarecrow Ideas gallery for more themes and see my tutorial on how to make a scarecrow once you're done browsing and are ready to get creative!

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Scary scarecrow image. With executioner's hood, this scary scarecrow is the very image of fright.Scary Halloween DecorationImage: Angel of Death scarecrow. Image shows burlap scarecrow with Angel of Death design.Skeleton + Wings = Angel of DeathPicture: Jason scarecrow. Wearing his trademark mask, Jason scarecrow battles spider.Scarecrow Picture: Jason Vorhees and a Halloween SpiderScarecrow picture: "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater...." Photo shows scarecrow, pumpkin cut-out.Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Scarecrow photo: "Hey! Diddle, Diddle!" Picture shows cat and dog scarecrows, cut-outs.Scarecrow Pictures: Hey, Diddle, DiddlePicture: Little Miss Muffet. View my scarecrow pictures for ideas for making scarecrows.Little Miss Muffet Scarecrow Scarecrow picture of old woman who lived in shoe. Old woman scarecrow photo.There Was an Old WomanScarecrow picture: "Mary had a little lamb...." Scarecrow photo of female scarecrow, lamb, school.Scarecrow Picture: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Scarecrow picture: "Mary, Mary, quite contrary...." Scarecrow in photo has watering can.Simple Halloween ScarecrowPumpkin picture: Humpty Dumpty. The pumpkin in the picture was accompanied by a scarecrow.Humpty Dumpty Pumpkin FaceScarecrow idea: Give scarecrows a medieval look with chain mail.Knight ScarecrowPicture: girl scarecrow on motorcycle. This girl scarecrow rides a flashy motorcycle.Scarecrow Idea: Motorcycle Mama Scarecrow
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Resources Related to Pictures of Scarecrows
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