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Scarecrow Picture: Jason Vorhees and a Halloween Spider

Horror Figures in Your Yard


The scarecrow in the picture above wears a "Jason Vorhees" hockey mask. He's a scary scarecrow, but he seems to have his hands full with a Halloween spider....
Picture: Jason scarecrow. Wearing his trademark mask, Jason scarecrow battles spider.

Picture: scary scarecrow wearing a Jason mask.

David Beaulieu

Jason Vorhees is a famous horror character from the Friday the 13th series of films. As such, it is only fitting that he has joined older horror icons such as the Werewolf as an inspiration for current-day Halloween decorations, including scary scarecrows. If you wish to go back even further than that (much further!), you can base your scarecrows and other Halloween decorations on characters from Greek mythology, such as Medusa.

Click the links below to access pumpkin stencils for Jason Vorhees, the Werewolf, and Medusa, respectively:

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