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Tin Man Scarecrow

Garden Scarecrow With Wizard-of-Oz Theme


This garden scarecrow was skillfully crafted from recycled metal objects....
Wizard of Oz scarecrow: a scarecrow who doubles as the Tin Man!

Wizard of Oz theme: a scarecrow who doubles as the Tin Man!

David Beaulieu

The result is a unique Tin Man scarecrow. You can also use recycled plastic pots when you make a garden scarecrow, as I show in a scarecrow picture in another photo gallery.

Of course, in addition to making scarecrows, there many other great ideas out there for recycling junk into items useful for your landscaping. You can find other examples in the following resources:

Want to learn more about making scarecrows? View my Scarecrow Ideas photo gallery for tips on everything from scarecrow face materials to giving your scarecrow "hair."

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