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Scary Devil Printable Design

Scary Halloween Stencils


Use this printable pumpkin design to carve a jack o'lantern that will scare the local kids right out of their trick or treat costumes...!
Devil pumpkin design.

Devil pumpkin design.

David Beaulieu

Just print, trace and carve -- it's as simple as that!

"But how do I print it?" you ask? In the upper right-hand corner you'll find two symbols:

  1. A printer symbol
  2. A "Share" symbol

Click the first to print out this design. Use it as a "cheat sheet" to trace out the image. Then do your carving.

Oh, don't forget to make use of that Share symbol, too. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network? Then by clicking "Share," you can show this design to your friends on those networks. Alternatively, you can use the same Share button to share the design via email.

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