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The skull and crossbones design fits well into a pirate theme for Halloween decorating. It also fits right in with the death theme so prevalent for this holiday, a prevalence understandable when you take into account the origins of Halloween....
Skull and crossbones jack o'lantern pattern.

Skull and crossbones jack o'lantern pattern.

David Beaulieu

To carve your jack o'lantern or paint it? That is the question. To carve, treat the line delineating the perimeter of the skull as a perforated line (i.e., alternate between cutting through it and leaving it intact). For the crossbone running from the upper left-hand side of the skull to the lower right, be sure to leave the pumpkin flesh intact at the intersection of crossbone and skull perimeter, if you wish your carving to conform exactly to this stencil.

You can easily print out my stencil. Above (right), there's an icon that looks like a little printer. Just click that. To let your friends in on this design, click the Share icon.

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