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Free Landscape Design Ideas

Use my free landscape design ideas as a springboard to improve the looks and functionality of your own yard. Since "a picture is worth a thousand words," I have packed this website with photos to facilitate the decision making process faced by the DIY homeowner. The suggestions I offer run the gamut from the formal style to the English country cottage look to landscaping for wildlife.
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  5. Curb Appeal (13)
  6. Landscaping for Privacy (8)
  7. Bird, Butterfly Gardens (16)
  8. Readers Share (7)
  9. Fragrant Plants (12)
  10. Winter Landscaping (37)
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Landscape Design Photos
Want to emulate the pros? Study these photos illustrating landscape design ideas. Learn how to use color and focal points to influence how the viewer's eye perceives your yard. Gain insight into why it's so important to exploit plant form and texture to full advantage. Discover through concrete examples how scale and line impact the look of your yard.

Landscaping Ideas for Flower Beds
Do your flower beds have year-round color in them? No? I can show you how to achieve continuous sequence of bloom even in a cold-climate landscape. Interested?

Cottage Gardens
Anyone even remotely interested in garden design styles has heard of cottage gardens. But just what do we mean by referring to "cottage gardens"? I provide both a working (practical) definition and a technical definition in this article.

Landscaping Trends of the 21st Century
The top 10 landscaping trends in the first decade of the 21st Century can be divided into 2 groups, the eco-friendly landscaping trends and those pertaining to outdoor living. I discuss each in this article on home landscape design.

Outdoor Living Spaces
An outdoor living space can be as simple (shady spot to have a soda) or elaborate (full outdoor kitchen) as you like. What's most important is to get into the habit of thinking of spaces outside as potential "rooms." Once you divide your yard up in this fashion (in your mind), it becomes easier to find ways to tailor these spaces to your own needs.

Top 10 Mistakes in Home Landscaping
We all make mistakes. But when we learn from mistakes (be they our own or the mistakes of others), we acquire invaluable knowledge that will facilitate future DIY projects. That's the purpose of this article: to assemble some of the most common mistakes people make in their yards and explain why they're mistakes, so you can avoid them.

Landscape Design Ideas for the Four Seasons
Landscaping for 4-season interest begins with a plant selection plan that will provide something to catch the eye in each of the four seasons. The goal is to have flowering trees throughout spring and summer, fall foliage in autumn and good structure in winter. This article describes how to achieve that goal.

FAQ: Before You Formulate Landscape Design Ideas
This resource for beginners can be considered step 1 in learning what landscaping is all about. Read it before you get too far along in formulating your landscape design ideas. I include suggestions to get first-time homeowners started, whether they wish to tackle the work themselves or hire professionals.

DIY Help
Are you the type who plans a DIY project in detail? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Here the type-A personality will learn how to draw up plans, while the laid-back can draw inspiration from my pictures. Learn about prioritizing, creating outdoor rooms and enhancing curb appeal.

Front Door Entrances
Front door entrances are one of the most important areas of the landscape. Front door entrances should literally welcome you into the home. These pictures of landscaping for entryways will give you some planting ideas for dressing up your own front step.

Front-Yard Landscaping
I stick mainly to traditional styles here, but ideas about what “works” for a front-yard landscape design are changing. The power of the lawn no longer remains unchallenged; the regicides have been inspired by environmental concerns and more. But there always has been more to curb appeal than a lush lawn.

Backyard Landscaping Designs
Backyard landscaping is a personal affair. Some may be recluses who simply seek privacy. Others may be social butterflies who would host non-stop backyard parties if they could. Most will fall somewhere between those extremes. But everyone will find food for thought in this article by following the links to the particular topics that interest them.

Simple Landscaping Ideas
I present simple landscaping ideas in this resource that will help you to design your front yard, backyard and side yards. Also learn all the tips you need to start a garden. These simple landscaping ideas are geared to do-it-yourselfers new to landscaping.

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