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Landscaping Ideas and Pictures

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Landscaping picture: monarch butterfly on goldenrod.

Landscaping picture: Attract monarch butterflies to your yard with goldenrod.

David Beaulieu

Looking for landscaping ideas to inspire you in your home improvement projects in the yard? The landscaping pictures (both plant photos and photos illustrating design principles) offered here will give novices direction and should provide food for thought even for more seasoned DIY enthusiasts.

Ten Components of a Beautiful Yard

Landscaping pictures can be a rich source of ideas for the do-it-yourselfer. Mine these home landscaping pictures for information about some of the elements essential to a well-designed yard. Novices often don't know what areas to focus on when undertaking yard makeovers; the advice here will give them much-needed orientation.

View Pictures: Ten Components of a Beautiful Yard

Design Plans

You don't have to be super-methodical to make some use of design plans in implementing your ideas. That's why I provide a variety of resources on the subject. There's something here for those who want examples of full-blown, professional plans, but also something less complex -- for a more laid-back approach. For those who do possess a strong methodical streak, information is provided on how to draw your own plans.

View Resource: Design Plans

DIY Tutorials in Pictures

Those of you who wish to jump right in and get your hands dirty will enjoy this collection of resources, my do-it-yourself project tutorials. These tutorials explain what needs to be done in the optimal way: through pictures (accompanied by commentary).

View Tutorials: DIY Projects in Pictures

Creating Outdoor Rooms

Most people like the idea of spending time out in the yard during the summertime. Problem is, their yards often aren't as livable as they could be. Learn how to extend the livable portion of your property by dividing outdoor living spaces into distinct "rooms" geared to specific outdoor activities.

Divide and Conquer: Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

How to Increase the Value of Your Property

When you move into the typical suburban home, one of the first questions that you should ask yourself is, "Will I be living on this property forever, or will I be placing it on the real estate market in the future?" For many, the answer, realistically, is the latter. But why ask the question at all? Well, answering it will clarify your objectives and help you develop a sensible, comprehensive plan for your DIY projects.

If you are making over your property for yourself as (you hope) a lifelong resident on the property, you can let your own tastes carry the day. But if there's a decent chance that you will be selling your home someday, you need to keep in mind what other people's tastes may be. For example, that funky, uneven walkway might suit you just fine but end up being a turn-off for a potential buyer. Learn how to avoid such common landscaping mistakes.

Real Estate Realism: How to Increase the Value of Your Property

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