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Create Backyard Retreats With Outdoor Privacy Screens

Unless you're especially gregarious, you'll want a backyard retreat on your property, a place to which you can retire from disturbances after a hard day's work. You can incorporate such a backyard retreat into your design with outdoor privacy screens. Learn how to build fences and plant hedges great for screening out prying eyes.

Fences for Backyard Retreats, Security and Decor
Learn about all aspects of building fences, including fences for backyard retreats. What mistakes are commonly made? Which materials are best for a fence? I look at wood, vinyl, chain-link and aluminum one by one, assessing the pros and cons of each. Determine whether you should undertake fence installation yourself or hire a pro.

Getting Started With Hedges
Hedges can be grown to maximize curb appeal, afford security or create outdoor privacy screens. There are hedge plants suitable for each of these functions, which is why I discuss particular examples here. I also link to some tutorials that get down to basics and tell you how to plant hedges in the yard and how to trim them.

Lattice Fences as Outdoor Privacy Screens
Lattice fences can serve a number of functions, in addition to creating backyard retreats and serving as trellises. Have an eyesore you'd like to disguise (e.g., trash area, air conditioner, deck supports)? Wooden or vinyl lattice fences can hide them. Building lattice fences to serve as outdoor privacy screens is simple, as I show you here.

Creating Living Spaces Outdoors
Outdoor living spaces extend your home, effectively adding on new "rooms." By thinking in terms of equivalents to the floors, walls and ceilings you know so well inside, you can create outdoor rooms spaces that are at once functional and attractive. And if you build your "walls" properly, you can enjoy private spaces outside.

Screening Out Nosy Neighbors With Bamboo
Are there any types of bamboo that can be grown in northern gardens? You bet there are! Here you can learn about them, as well as about using bamboo in outdoor privacy screens and controlling bamboo run amuck. I even help reveal the true identity of a so-called bamboo that really is not one at all.

Lombardy Poplar Trees
Lombardy poplar trees used to be widely grown for screening and as windbreaks, because they grow quickly. They have since fallen out of favor among landscaping pros due to a number of problems they present. But if you still like the look of these trees and wish to grow a row of them to create a backyard retreat, I suggest some workarounds here.

Hedge Choices to Create Screening
If you grow shrubs closely enough together, they can form a "living wall" that is effective in screening out the public's unwanted gazes. One option is to plant the shrubs in rows and shear them to create dense outdoor privacy screens. Another option is to install shrubs more loosely to form borders that will be more low-maintenance.

Backyard Retreats -- Photo Gallery of Sacred Spaces
About's Holistic Healing Guide presents this photo gallery of sacred spaces, which is based on user submissions. Gain ideas from here for that backyard retreat you've been contemplating for your own landscape! For meditation gardens, outdoor privacy screens must not only isolate but also inspire!

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