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Glossary for Words Used in Landscaping

Don't know the meaning of a landscaping word used in one of my articles? Just look it up! And you don't have to leave the website to do so: this glossary (first link below) puts the definition just a couple of clicks away. Landscaping is a diverse field, so you'll find terminology in this glossary not only for plants, but also for fields such as masonry.

Online Landscaping Dictionary
OK, here are my entries for landscaping terms from A to Z. It is not meant to be comprehensive. But what it lacks in comprehensiveness it makes up for in diversity. Because this is more than a dictionary of horticultural terms; you will also find definitions for words associated with masonry, for example.

"Herringbone" Stamped Concrete Patterns
Here is an example of a word I define in my landscaping dictionary. Some of my articles discuss building patios and walkways. When such structures are made of brick, a number of different patterns are possible. One of them is called "herringbone." You may come across this term even if you're not working with brick, as stamped concrete patterns can mimic such brick designs.

Definition of "Annual Plants"
Here is an example of a definition from the horticultural arena. What makes one plant an annual and another a perennial? Beginners are sometimes misled into believing that it's as simple as observing what plants die back in their yards each year and which come back. But it's not as simple as that.

Definition of "Deadheading" Plants
Some of you may not be sufficiently theoretically-inclined to worry about whether a plant is, technically, classified as perennial or an annual. But here's a landscaping definition of a more practical nature than that in the prior example. Here we enter the arena of plant care, which is eminently practical.

Growing Zones
What are the "USDA growing zones?" They are general guidelines for dealing with plants that are of borderline hardiness for your general region. Don't follow them slavishly, as you'll find plenty of exceptions to the "rule." Here I offer the USDA growing zone maps, broken up into specific regions.

What Does Biennial Mean?
Learn the definition of "biennial" here. This term refers to one of three plant groupings (along with "annual" and "perennial") based on life cycle.

Planting Zones
One of the first facts you should check into about a plant (before you buy it) is what "planting zones" it is listed for. Consult my landscaping dictionary's definition to find out exactly what this term means. This term is synonymous with "growing zones" (see above).

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