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Landscaping for Small Spaces

When landscaping for small spaces, incorporate raised beds, compact water features and container gardens, and apply color theory to make your yard seem larger. A tidy rock garden may be preferable to a huge lawn if you only have a "postage stamp" lot to work with. The ideas here will be especially helpful in developing urban plantings.

Landscaping Ideas for Side Yards
Side yards that are narrow pose a design challenge. First ask yourself what kind of walkway would make your side yard more usable. If there is enough room, you can integrate plantings with your walkway. This article explores the possibilities.

How to Build Raised Beds
When you're landscaping for small spaces, any flower bed you install in the ground is likely to face stiff competition -- especially from feet, if you have kids in the yard! If fencing isn't the answer, you can get your plants somewhat out of harm's way with raised beds, thereby improving their chance of survival.

Landscaping for Small Spaces: Building Raised Beds
An even less orthodox raised bed than in the above entry, wheels can be attached to this one to make the unit portable. But like the above entry, this is a high raised bed. The advantage is that you will not have to bend over so far to weed, etc., thereby saving your back. Plus there is storage space underneath -- a great space-saving feature.

Install Landscape Timber Edging in 10 Easy Steps
At the end of this project I suggest how to use landscape timbers to make more conventional (shorter) raised beds (for ornamentals only, since timbers are pressure-treated). But also learn how to use them to give a classy edge to a border planting. Such plantings look OK without edging on sprawling lots, but in tight spots you should frame them.

Putting Color Theory to Use in the Yard
You know that color is important to the appearance of your yard. But you may not realize just how important it is. That's because color works on the psyche in ways that are not readily apparent. A study of color theory reveals such secrets to us. Among those secrets is how color can help us solve the problem of landscaping for small spaces.

How to Build Simple Fountains for Your Water Gardens
There may have been a time when fountains graced only the yards of the well-to-do, but not any more. Learn how to create a small water garden and assemble a fountain for it out of inexpensive materials. There is no reason to be drowning in red ink after a simple water-feature installation.

Decorative Garden Fountains
In this water-feature project the focus is still on ease of installation, but I assume a budget that is not quite so tight. Here I turn a lovely ceramic planter into a fountain. If you have a little more to spend, I think the impact made by such ceramic planters is worth it.

How to Build Waterfalls
Another type of water feature that can have a big impact in landscaping for small yards is the waterfall. When you hear that word, your first thought is probably of something on a grand scale that would cost a lot of money. But as this tutorial shows, you can build a diminutive waterfall at a very low cost.

Rock Gardens for Small Spaces-- Tutorial, With Pictures
Garden ponds can can be complemented with plantings; water can set off plants so nicely! But so can well-chosen rocks, the backbone of a rock garden. But unlike the fountain projects and the waterfall project I feature above, which require water circulation -- and, therefore, equipment -- no special equipment is needed to build a rock garden.

How Do I Plant Small Outdoor Planter Boxes?
A reader emailed me for suggestions for plants to grow in container gardens in Manhattan -- about as much of an "urban planting" issue as you'll ever hear! Creating urban plantings that will be stylish and easy to maintain is a daunting task. It is essential to do your homework, so that you get your plant selection right.

Decorate for Summer Outdoor Living
Having a tiny yard keeps you from implementing the more grandiose landscape schemes you've contemplated, but it's no reason not to enjoy outdoor living to its fullest! Outdoor rooms are all the rage now, and you need neither a large property nor a hefty checkbook to create one. Read the full article from About's former Interior Decorating Guide, Coral Nafie.

Urban Planting
Urban planting is not a brand new idea, but it is a growing movement these days. Marie Iannotti says that it's time to bring it out in the open. Urban dwellers can still grow plants outside; it just takes a little more creativity, that's all. And instead of battling pests such as deer, you may have to focus on methods for keeping dogs and cats out of your yard.

Foamy Bells: Heucherella a Great Choice for a Compact Plant
Want a compact plant for a small space? When you have little room in your yard in which to grow plants, you need compact specimens that will provide lots of color -- and for a long time. Heucherella 'Solar Power' provides a powerful option.

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