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Install Landscape Timber Edging in 10 Easy Steps


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Install Landscape Timber Edging in 10 Easy Steps
In this picture, landscape timbers are used as edging. Landscape timber edging is attractive.

Picture: the finished installation of landscape timber edging.

David Beaulieu

Landscape timber edging is quick and simple to install. In this 10-page tutorial, using pictures, I illustrate how to install an attractive framing that will add a touch of class to any flower border or similar planting.

Our border planting is right up against a wood fence on the property line. The photo on this page shows you the end result of our landscape timber edging project. The remaining pages in my tutorial show you exactly how we achieved that result.

The shrubs and perennials in this particular border planting had already been planted, approximately one year prior to the project. As long as you don't have a lot of plant material that will be right in your way, this approach (i.e., when you install landscape timber edging as an afterthought) is doable. But there are advantages to laying your timbers first (see Page 5), prior to planting anything in the bed. Once your bed is overflowing with plants, you have less maneuverability during the project.

Take note that, while attractive, this framework of timbers will not entirely keep grass stolons from invading your flower border. There are various ways to combat this invasion:

Some people sink barriers into the ground adjacent to the timbers (flashing, etc.). Another tact you can take is to eliminate the section of lawn that parallels the flower border. You can do this by digging the sod, laying down a narrow strip of landscape fabric, and applying mulch on top of the fabric. A third approach is to sink an initial course of timbers deeper into the soil, then stack a second course onto it, attaching the two with spikes.

On Page 2 we'll take a look at the supplies needed for the project....

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