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How to Build Raised Beds


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Pre-Assembling the Walls of Raised Beds
Pre-drill lumber to avoid splitting.

Pre-drill lumber to avoid splitting.

David Beaulieu

The first step in the pre-assembly of the walls of raised flower garden beds is to lay out two of the posts on level ground, parallel to each and 3 feet apart. Now take one of your 3-foot long 2x12 boards, and lay it on top of the two posts, to span them, at one end. This will be your top board. Now take a second 2x12 board of the same length, and repeat -- only this time, you'll be laying the board further down across the posts. This will be your bottom board.

After you've checked to see that the boards are square with the posts (you can use a carpenter's square), you can begin to attach them to the posts, using a few screws for each end of each 2x12. Pre-drill first, to eliminate splitting.

With the walls of the raised flower bed assembled, in Step 6 we turn our attention to the hard part: inserting their posts into the ground....

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