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Easy Solutions to Landscaping Problems, Free Landscaping Ideas

Got landscaping problems? Unless you're hiring professionals to solve them, you need free landscaping ideas. These easy solutions to landscaping problems cover slopes, shade and drought, as well as poor, wet or eroding soils. Or perhaps you need free landscaping ideas for dealing with snow or tree removal? You'll find easy landscaping tips here for all these and more.
  1. Poisonous Plants
  2. Organic Pest Control
  3. Organic Weed Control
  4. Plants for Shady Areas (19)
  5. Plants for Dry Areas (25)
  6. Water Runoff (7)
  7. Hillside Landscaping (8)
  8. Site Grading (8)
  9. Snow Removal (19)
  10. Bad Weather (3)
  11. Landscaping in Small Spaces (13)
  12. Keep Safe in Your Yard (26)
  13. Soil Erosion Control (6)
  14. Gaining Privacy (10)
  15. Improving Soil: Fertilizers, Etc. (12)

Top 10 Mistakes Made by Do-It-Yourselfers
Are you having problems with your landscaping? Are you looking for tips to get you going in the right direction? This resource is a good place to begin. Find out what mistakes other landscaping enthusiasts commonly make, lest the same pitfalls bedevil your own endeavors.

Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas
This piece takes a different approach from that above: not learning from others' mistakes, but learning how to work with the problem areas plaguing your landscaping goals. Almost every landscape has at least one problem area, be it due to too many rocks or too little sun. I show you how to let these areas work for you rather than against you.

Worst Invasive Plants
While some invasive plants are ugly, others are quite attractive. In fact, their good looks is precisely the reason why many of the worst invasive plants landed in the lands they now pillage. With one notable exception, the invasive plants I describe in this introductory article are attractive -- so don't let their beauty fool you.

List of Plants That Tolerate Salt
You don't have to live in Florida care about salt-tolerant plants. In fact, you don't even have to live by the beach. Road salt can be a landscaping problem any place where the winters are snowy. Discover which plants hold up to the barrage of salt, be it from ocean breezes laden with sea salt or salt-tainted snow pushed into your yard by plows.

How to Build Raised Beds to Get the Most out of Small Spaces
Do you have a tiny yard? Building raised beds can be a good idea for small spaces. In a separate tutorial, I also discuss a more unorthodox portable raised bed. Just follow the pictures to learn about building raised beds and overcome the challenge presented by tiny yards.

Dogs (Yours or Someone Else's) in the Yard: What You Need to Know
Are you trying to keep other people's dogs out of your yard? Or perhaps you're trying to keep your own dog from leaving the yard? Either way, you'll find information you can use here, including tips on repellents and fencing.

10 Worst Plants to Grow in Your Yard
Some landscaping problems can simply be avoided by not growing certain plants. A "worst plants" list is always subjective. Depending on where you live, whether you have allergies, whether you have kids and/or pets, and simply your tolerance for inconveniences, you may not agree with every selection on my list. But I'll bet you'll agree with some of them.

Acid-Loving Plants
Do you have soil in your yard that is too acidic to grow certain plants? How does one deal with this problem? One possible solution is to try to alter the soil pH. A more go-with-the-flow approach is to plant acid-loving plants. I offer examples in this article (trees, shrubs, perennials and even an annual).

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