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Flowering Shrubs and Evergreen Bushes for Hedges, Specimens

Flowering shrubs are associated with spring, which is misleading, as some are excellent fall foliage shrubs. Fothergilla, for example, blooms in spring but also flashes fall color when temps cool. And speaking of multi-season performance, do not forget evergreen bushes for the landscape, since these 4-season workhorses help form a yard's "bones."
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List of Shrubs
Consult this list before you shop at the nursery. My Top 10 list describes popular specimens for the yard, as well as some with which novices may be less familiar. Flowering shrubs predominate; and in addition to fothergilla, I mention another bush that doubles as a prolific bloomer and an outstanding fall foliage shrub.

Fast Growing Shrubs
This article lists fast growing shrubs (blooming and evergreen bushes), linking to more information that discusses their main features and tips on caring for them. If patiently waiting for colorful specimens to mature is not your idea of landscaping, then these quick growers are worth a look. The top fall foliage shrub in the list is cotoneaster.

Overview of Flowering Shrubs and Evergreen Bushes
More detailed articles on the landscaping uses for flowering shrubs and evergreen bushes can be accessed through the links in this overview. Also learn how to achieve year-round interest in your yard by planting your landscape with the four seasons in mind.

Early Spring Flowering Shrubs
Bushes that bloom in early spring would be valued for their timeliness, if nothing else. We crave the floral color they provide after enduring months of winter. I present my Top 10 here. As a bonus, some offer more than just nice flowers (for example, fragrance, good fall color or winter interest).

Pictures of Flowering Shrubs
A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures will help you to identify and/or select flowering shrubs suitable for your own yard. But because pictures seldom tell the whole story, I supply numerous links in this photo gallery to articles that detail issues such as the zone information and sun or shade requirements for a particular plant.

Hydrangea Shrubs
Learn about 5 popular types of hydrangeas in this introductory article, which links to resources containing information on specific kinds of hydrangeas. Whatever types of hydrangeas you choose to grow, you'll find they play an important part in the summer landscape for those who yearn for year-round color.

Top 10 Flowering Shrubs and Trees for Spring
What was my thought process in deciding on these particular plants for my Top 10 list? I mean beyond the obvious (drop-dead gorgeous blooms). Well, how about assets that extend past the spring, for one thing (nice foliage, branching patterns)? Other factors include berry-production and low care requirements.

Top 10 Specimens for Fall Color
Trees are not your only option for autumn color. Don't forget fall foliage shrubs. The latter work especially well in small yards. And they are good for much more than just autumn color, often supplying your yard with spring blooms, winter berries, etc. Check out my examples here.

Top 10 Specimens for Winter Interest
Winter is a tough time for landscaping in the snowy North. This article leads you on a quest for plants that afford winter interest. While evergreen bushes are a no-brainer for creating winter interest, we'll also look for bushes with less obvious qualities to help us fight the winter doldrums.

Foundation Plantings
What are foundation plantings? Traditionally, foundation plantings disguised the concrete foundations of houses. But these beds have other uses, too. For maximal visual interest, consider using both evergreens and bushes that blossom abundantly (wouldn't you like a little more color right outside your window?).

Caring for Garden Shrubs
Learn about caring for garden shrubs, including how to prune them. The article begins by pointing you to resources helpful for selecting bushes.

Selecting Shrubs for Hedges
People plant hedges for all kinds of reasons. Some homeowners simply like the way a hedge defines their property, but others grow a row of bushes to create a privacy screen (evergreens are preferred here) or a barrier against trespassers. Before deciding on what to grow in a hedge, be clear about what role it is to play in your landscape.

Euonymus Alatus: Illegal Alien
The first plant that comes to mind when you hear mention of fall foliage shrubs is winged euonymus (Euonymus alatus). There's just one problem. Laws may be on the way to ban the sale of Euonymus alatus in the U.S. It's time to start looking for substitutes.

Rose of Sharon
Have you ever heard people speak of rose of sharon "trees"? Hibiscus syriacus is actually a bush, but you can dictate (through pruning) that it become tree-like (i.e., grow with one main trunk). Here I introduce a few rose of sharon varieties and provide general information about this plant which, in the Northeastern U.S., is indispensable.

Best Flowering Shrubs, Evergreen Bushes to Grow
Because they're often of an intermediate size, bushes may be the best choice for meeting a landscaping need, where tall trees or short perennials fail. But which bush you choose to plant hinges on your particular needs. Readers submit their choices here to form a list of the best flowering shrubs and/or evergreen bushes to grow.

Tall Shrubs
Tall shrubs are often so tree-like in appearance as to be thought of as small 'trees' when people aren't trying to be technically accurate. Not only do some tall shrubs look tree-like; they can also function as small trees. I supply examples in this article, along with links to the technical definitions for "trees" and "shrubs."

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