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Types of Butterfly Bush

Kinds of Buddleia Shrubs: Pink, Blue, Non-Invasive?


Picture of Buddleia. Bearing long flower spikes (picture), Buddleia is valued as a flowering shrub.

Picture of classic flower spike of Buddleia.

David Beaulieu

Butterfly bush shrub (Buddleia) is known for many things. For starters, it's easy to grow and produces striking flower spikes, which, thanks to the magic of the cultivar developers, now come in a number of colors, including pink and blue. And of course, first and foremost, the shrubs are known for what they attract, namely, their namesakes, which are the closest thing to real fairies that our gardens will ever enjoy.

So what's not to like about butterfly bush? You'd be surprised! It has its detractors, largely because there's one other thing the shrub is widely known for: invasiveness! Although not invasive everywhere, butterfly bush is invasive in enough areas to have developed a bad name.

Below I offer 3 resources on butterfly bush. The third one introduces a Buddleia that, according to its developers, is a non-invasive type. If it's true, that's welcome news, indeed! Admirers of Buddleia in America's Pacific Northwest, in particular, have longed for news of a non-invasive butterfly bush....

Butterfly Bush: Introduction

Butterfly bush comes in a number of colors. In fact, there is even a multi-colored type (Buddleia x weyeriana 'Bicolor'). But before reading about some of the specific colors the plant comes in, newcomers to the subject may wish to read my introductory article on Buddleia. When you're finished reading, come back and learn about some relatively new types that bear pink or blue flowers, plus (potentially) a non-invasive cultivar:

Butterfly Bush: Introduction

In the Pink: 'Miss Ruby'

I've grown 'Miss Ruby,' a cultivar with pink flowers, and I'm very happy with the blossom color. Fortunately, the "Ruby" part of the name isn't just there for show: This shrub's flowers aren't merely pink, they're a rich, deep pink. Another cultivar offering pink blooms is 'Pink Delight.' Click the link below to read more about 'Miss Ruby':

Pink Butterfly Bushes

"Blue" Butterfly Bushes and a Non-Invasive Type?

Frankly, I can't say that the flower color of 'Blue Chip' is its chief selling point. Maybe other gardeners have coaxed truly blue flowers out of theirs, but mine show only hints of blue. From some of the pictures I've seen of a type of Buddleia named 'Ellen's Blue,' I'm thinking that the latter cultivar may hold out a better hope for gardeners seeking a true blue butterfly bush.

But it's not all about the color with 'Blue Chip.' According to its developers, 'Blue Chip' is a non-invasive Buddleia. Learn more about what may be a breakout cultivar by clicking on the link below:

'Blue Chip' a Non-Invasive Butterfly Bush?

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