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Fast Growing Shrubs

Use Fast Growing Shrubs for Privacy Hedges, Specimens


Picture of the common lilac bush

Picture of common lilacs.

David Beaulieu

Fast growing shrubs are a great choice for homeowners seeking quick privacy hedges. For that matter, homeowners simply hoping to enjoy stand-alone specimen bushes some time in the not-too-distant future will also be glad to find plants as impatient for growth as are their owners! This article lists several choices, linking to further information that discusses their main features and tips on caring for them.

Cotoneaster: Fast Growing Shrubs With Berries

The branching of rock cotoneaster is stiff and dense, giving the plant, overall, a rather bristly look. Stems shoot off the branches in what's often referred to as a "herringbone pattern," a term also used in hardscaping. The bristly look is significantly softened once the red berries appear, as your attention will be drawn to their fleshy orbs. To learn more about cotoneaster, click the link below:


Redtwig Dogwood: Fast Growing Shrubs With Striking Bark

Its leaves are gone. Its berries are gone. Its flowers are long gone. It's winter, and redtwig dogwood is practicing its own version of "addition by subtraction." For, despite having lost so many features, redtwig dogwood may be at its best when nothing blocks the view of its best feature: its signature bark color, shouting out above the layer of snow coating the landscape (the same applies to yellowtwig dogwood, but in a different color). To learn more about redtwig dogwood, click the link below:

Redtwig Dogwood

Mock Orange: Fragrant Fast Growing Shrubs

The wonderfully fragrant bush, mock orange is rather unfortunately named for what it is not, rather than for what it is. As the "mock" in its name suggests, mock orange is not a true orange. But the citrusy smell of its white blossoms was enough to invite comparison, thus accounting for the origin of the mock orange's common name. Another white-flowered option is doublefile viburnum. To learn more about mock orange, click the link below:

Mock Orange

Lilacs: Old-Fashioned Fast Growing Shrubs

Like mock orange, the traditional lilac is an olfactory treasure. New cultivars are now available, but I still prefer the type of lilac with fragrant flowers that you probably remember from your grandparents' yard. To learn more about lilacs, click the link below:


Forsythia: Fast Growing Shrubs That Herald Spring

There's a special place in my heart for forsythias. When I see their flower buds yellowing up, I feel my anticipation fully justified. What is it I anticipate? Forsythia flowers? Yes, but much, oh, so much more than that! For forsythia flowers herald nothing less than spring, itself. Among the bushes, they are the spring flowers par excellence. To learn more about forsythia, click the link below:


But we've only just started! On Page 2 we'll look at some additional choices for fast growing shrubs....

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