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Fast Growing Bushes

For When You Need Privacy, Fast


Photo of beautyberry bush in fall.

Photo of beautyberry bush in fall.

David Beaulieu

As with the fast growing bushes mentioned on Page 1, the fast growing bushes listed below each boasts an interesting feature -- beyond being a sound choice when you need privacy fast, that is....

Beautyberry: Fast Growing Bushes With Berries

Beautyberry is such a fast growing bush that many recommend pruning it down to within a foot or so of the ground in early spring. The resulting new growth, laden with berries by autumn, is sufficiently large to make for a compelling display. To learn more about beautyberry, click the link below:


Diablo Ninebark: Fast Growing Bushes With Interesting Bark

Even though ninebark was named for its bark, I wouldn't put it in quite the same class as redtwig dogwood (see Page 1). But the 'Diablo' cultivar offers something beyond an interesting bark: a dark foliage that makes it one of the so-called "black" plants. To learn more about Diablo ninebark, click the link below:


Pussy Willow: Fast Growing Bushes That Herald Spring

I remarked on Page 1 that forsythia heralds the spring. Well, in a clear case of botanical one-ups-manship, pussy willow tries to do forsythia one better: it whispers spring thoughts long before forsythia does, when spring's future arrival is still just an unfounded rumor. What pussy willow lacks in colorfulness (whitish catkins and rather uninteresting foliage) it more than makes up for in other ways. Another willow shrub that grows quickly is Flamingo Japanese willow. To learn more about pussy willow, click the link below:

Pussy Willow

Loropetalum: Fast Growing Bushes of the Southeast

I don't mean to suggest that loropetalum is somehow restricted to the American Southeast, but that region may well be considered its "capital" in the New World, where it is evergreen and an immensely popular plant. To learn more about loropetalum, click the link below:


No listing of fast growing bushes would be complete without providing further examples of fast growing evergreen bushes, including some hardier customers than loropetalum. That's the subject of Page 3....

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