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Uses for Landscape Shrubs

Landscape Shrubs: Information and Pictures


Photo of Rose of Sharon

Photo of rose of sharon.

David Beaulieu

There is great variety in landscape shrubs, both in terms of appearance and uses. Some landscape shrubs are compact, or even dwarfs. But others are tall enough virtually to be small trees and, in fact, may be just that in warmer climes. Some lose their leaves in winter, while other landscape shrubs are evergreen. Yet there is variation even amongst the different evergreen bushes. Uses for landscape shrubs include foundation plantings, formal hedges, informal privacy hedges and specimen plants. This article mentions only a fraction of the landscape shrubs discussed on my Web site. Please use the links below to browse through more detailed articles (pictures included) and locate information on other landscape shrubs that may interest you.

Rose of Sharon and Informal Privacy Hedges

A popular use of landscape shrubs is to group them together along a property border to screen your yard from prying eyes. Rose of sharon is just one of many landscape shrubs introduced in this article as useful for providing privacy. Don't feel like having to trim formal hedges? Discover how to group bushes into an informal hedge or "loose border," instead.

Landscape Shrubs as Specimen Plants: Mountain Laurel

Some homeowners fall in love with a particular plant and let it stand alone, as a specimen. Mountain laurel can serve admirably as such a plant in late spring. Pictures of mountain laurel are provided, as well as information on growing the plant.

Pussy Willow, the Harbinger of Spring

Pussy willows are usually thought of as being wild plants, but don't let that stop you from using them as landscape shrubs. In fact, varieties of pussy willow a bit fancier than the wild type are available at nurseries. For the observant, pussy willows have a prominent place in the cycle of the seasons. When these harbingers of spring unfurl their furry catkins, it means better weather is right around the corner.

Forsythia: Spring Triumphant!

If pussy willow tells us of spring's imminence, then forsythia announces spring's unequivocal arrival. This profile of forsythia discusses the classification, characteristics and uses for this landscape shrub. Also learn about pruning forsythia -- the when, what and why. Among the uses of forsythia is a rather unusual one: by forcing its branches in early spring, you can enjoy its blooms prematurely.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Sometimes we speak of "flowering bushes" and "evergreen bushes" as if they were mutually exclusive. But such is not the case. A subset of the evergreen bushes is comprised of those classified as "broadleaf" evergreens, which can not only stay green all year, but also produce blooms. Among which stand a popular choice in landscape shrubs for foundation plantings, the azaleas and rhododendrons.

The Butterfly Garden: Butterfly Bush

Landscape shrubs aren't limited to looking pretty or serving practical functions. Some attract wildlife, the sightings of which can be a great source of enjoyment for nature lovers. Enter butterfly bush, renowned for attracting those dainty winged friends, the butterflies.


Roses bloom so profusely that non-gardeners just think of them as "flowers," not making the connection that they are, in fact, landscape shrubs. Some rose varieties, however, are climbers, mimicking vines. The climbing roses are excellent choices for covering arbors.

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