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Backyard Fun Ideas

Learning How to Enjoy Your Yard More


Picture of a monarch butterfly on goldenrod.

Learn how to attract monarch butterflies.

David Beaulieu

Quick, tell me the first thing that pops into you mind when you think about your space out back? Is it enjoyment? If not, then you're in serious need of some backyard fun ideas.

For some, "yard" evokes images, first and foremost, of mowing, weeding and similarly uninspiring occupations. At the end of the work week, they take their work ethic home with them. How unfortunate!

The backyard fun ideas in this article do not take the form of suggestions for novel party games or insights into how to derive more enjoyment from entertaining guests. Rather, my focus is on:

  1. Getting you to re-think your relationship with your yard
  2. Encouraging you to find and appreciate the simple pleasures your yard offers
  3. Keeping your landscaping low-maintenance, thereby giving you more time for enjoyment

Ideas for Backyard Fun: 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard More

Backyard Fun Idea #1: Outdoor Living Spaces

For people who have trouble separating the "yard" from "yard maintenance," then enjoyment will always take a backseat to keeping their backyards immaculate. Many of us (especially the workaholics and perfectionists among us) are so obsessed with what the neighbors will think of our yard's appearance that we virtually become slaves to the yard. This article is a good place to begin for those who need a new perspective on their yards. Learn to see the yard as an extension of the home, rife with opportunities for backyard fun.

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Backyard Fun Idea #2: Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be a wonderful source of backyard fun in the summertime. Unfortunately, they can also entail a lot of upkeep (or even be downright hazardous), which may seriously cut into your time and energy for backyard fun. Find out how to keep the swimming pool area safe and low-maintenance for this summer.

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Backyard Fun Idea #3: Garden Fountains

Or perhaps a swimming pool is not your idea of backyard fun, because you lack the space for one or don't care about swimming? But you can still enjoy the benefits of water features in your yard. The gurgling of a garden fountain does wonders for soothing frayed nerves as you pull into the driveway after a hard day at work.

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Backyard Fun Idea #4: Attracting Wild Birds

What does landscaping have to do with bird watching? Plenty! Through proper plant selection, you can turn your yard into a magnet for wild birds. Bird watching is one of the simple pleasures that many people have come to appreciate as a year-round source of backyard fun.

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Backyard Fun Idea #5: Plants That Attract Butterflies

Or maybe birds are too messy for you? If you're worried about feeling like a statue in a park full of pigeons, watching the graceful flight of butterflies may be more your idea of backyard fun. This article tells you which plants will attract butterflies.

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On Page 2, the theme of finding and appreciating the simple pleasures your yard offers continues, and we'll end with some labor-saving tips that free you up to enjoy all this backyard fun....

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