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Easy-Care Landscaping

We tend to "want it all" nowadays. Do you have an active lifestyle that often keeps you away from your yard, while still wanting a yard that looks nice? The answer for you is easy-care landscaping. There are steps you can take to have a pretty yard without being a slave to caring for it. Peruse these articles to learn what some of those steps are.

Low-Maintenance Perennials
Marie Iannotti, About's Gardening Guide, discusses 10 low-maintenance perennial flowers in this article, a must-read for busy homeowners who don't always have time to "get their hands dirty" in the yard.

Landscaping Tips From the "Plant Man"
Land Steward is an online source of tips and ideas to make landscaping easy. Especially helpful to do-it-yourselfers are the weekly "Plant Man" columns that Steve Jones wrote for years -- now archived -- and the similar work now being carried on by his wife, Cheryl. Steve and Cheryl own Greenwood Nursery.

Low-Maintenance Alternatives to Lawns
Ideas for low-maintenance landscaping. Shortcuts that provide time savings through low-maintenance care alternatives. Instead of a labor-intensive lawn, grow ground covers or clover, or increase space devoted to perennial beds. Raised bed gardening is especially efficient and easy.

Judy Leiser’s Lazy Guide
Judy Leiser’s guide to avoiding work on the landscape -– if at all possible! Free landscaping ideas on how to reduce or eliminate mowing, weeding, fussing excessively over plant care, fumbling around with extension cords, etc.

Low-Maintenance, Organic Lawn Care
Paul Wheaton’s advice on saving money and achieving a low-maintenance landscape. Begins with a must-do list that includes setting your lawn mower as high as it will go and watering only when necessary.

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