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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Accessories: Outdoor Lighting


Q. What about the outdoor lighting needed to make those cooking and dining areas outside usable after the sun has gone down?

A. Place low voltage outdoor lighting strategically over the grill (wire behind the gutter) using a mounting plate. Mount outdoor lighting on the side of the house or on a tree. You can hook it up to a switch or a timer. If you have a covered area or an arbor, install a ceiling fan with lights to light up the whole area and to circulate the smoke from the cooking elements.

Q. Can you point to specific ways in which outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories such as outdoor lighting improve a homeowner’s ROI?

A. Amenities such as custom outdoor lighting are unique features and can distinguish a home from others in a saturated market.

Prospective home buyers will perceive the overall property to have greater value based on the outdoor area’s upgrades, such as outdoor lighting, appliances, accessories / accents. Accents are considered real estate upgrades and are, thus, value worthy.

These accessories / appliances essentially add functionality and square footage to the home. The right application of accessories and appliances makes these spaces complete. Great for entertaining, they provide everyday and long-term value for homeowners. Well-appointed spaces with matching appliances and harmonizing accessories allow homeowners the ability to enjoy cooking and eating outside on a daily basis. But they also provide financial savings and increased real estate value. Just like with interior cooking areas boasting high-end appliances, tile work and accessories, these exterior rooms, with their many appointments, capture the interest of home buyers as compared to other residences that lack them.

Our clients tell us these areas not only double their cooking and entertaining space -– because they have interior and exterior cooking areas -– they also widely increase property value. More appliances and accessories in the space equate to higher return on investment at the time of home sale.

Daily benefits include easy cooking and quick clean-up as well as keeping the house cool in summer time. Having such a room outside often saves on power and water bills since washing pots and pans is not necessary.

Q. When incorporating outdoor kitchen appliances into such living spaces outside, should homeowners buy everything at once or make their purchases in stages? Discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

A. A major decision facing the homeowner is whether to buy outdoor kitchen appliances all at once or take a phased approach to design / build. Due to the modular nature of the pieces, homeowners can start out small with just one or two outdoor kitchen appliances and slowly build their outdoor living collection over time.

Purchasing all outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories at one time will obviously shorten the length of the project but comes with a possible higher up-front cost. Conversely, some professionals offer discounts for completing the entire site project at one time.

A professional outdoor design / build company offers diverse installation programs to complete site projects in anywhere from a few weeks to spanning multiple seasons -– depending upon budgets. Meet with at least two professionals to attain initial ideas and estimates.

It is best to do the construction all at once. Although it is certainly possible to take a phased approach, the homeowner and design / build team should discuss all possible options. A lot of retailers offer no-interest, long-term finance options where you can purchase the outdoor kitchen appliances and parts yourself and finance them over several months or years. Then you can just pay the contractor for installation. This would, in effect, give you the phased payments.

A project of this nature would be hard to do in phases unless you are adding an entire other space to it. If you are doing countertops and build-ins, they should be planned and built-in all at once. All in all, it will cost much more to continuously hire contractors or other design / build professionals in intervals. I recommend saving the entire necessary budget in order to finish the entire project all at once.

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