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Fire Pit Ideas: An Easy Hardscape Project for Beginners
Enjoy nights outdoors with this easy stone fire pit.

Fire pits can be as complicated or as simple as you want. From a basic stone ring to a mortared creation of brick and stone, there are many possibilities. The one shown in this picture was easy to build and required few materials.

Joe Norton

A stone fire pit is a simple way to make a huge impact on any landscape. Is there anything better than sitting around an open flame with family and friends? With very little work and almost no hardscaping skill, you can have your own.

The simple stone fire pit shown in the picture above was made with only a few stones. If you have stones left over from building a stone wall, this project is a perfect way to get rid of them. But really, almost any stones will suffice.

Most important tip to take away from this article: When installing the ring of stones, the idea here is to dig into the ground just enough to provide some depth, but not so deep that it's difficult to add firewood.

You can't see it in this picture, but the bottom of this particular fire pit is lined with stone. But you can use paving bricks, concrete, or plain old sand. I used stone because it makes it easy to clean out the ashes later.

It took about an hour from start to finish to build this simple fire pit. The purpose in presenting this project (which is part of a series of "Great Hardscape Ideas") was to show that there's no reason a total beginner can't build a stone fire pit -- it's just that easy! Of course, never leave an open flame unattended, never place flammable objects near it, and avoid lighting up on a windy day!

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