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Electric Cement Mixer

Concrete Mixing Made Easy

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Kobalt's electric cement mixer, available at Lowe's.

Lightweight, easy to use, and affordable: this is the perfect electric cement mixer for the do-it-yourselfer.

Joe Norton

For large masonry jobs where you'll be using lots of concrete or mortar, an electric cement mixer is the only way to go.  Sure, you could do it with a wheelbarrow and a hoe, but you'll save time and wear and tear on your back and shoulders if you buy or rent a tool that will do the mixing automatically.

Review of Kobalt Electric Cement Mixer

This is a great electric cement mixer.  I've owned quite a few.  This is the best.  Here's why:

  • It's light weight.  Two people can easily lift it in and out of a truck.  I can do it by myself if I have to, but it's definitely easier with two people.  Once it's on the ground, it rolls nicely on wheels.
  • It's quiet.  Some cement mixers run on gas and will leave your ears ringing by the end of the day.  This electric cement mixer is so quiet you'll hardly know it's there.  You'll be able to concentrate on building your stone wall or patio.
  • Durable.  I've owned two of these electric cement mixers and put them through some serious use.  Much more than they were intended for.  If you use it a couple of times a year, and keep it clean, it will run forever.
  • Easy to use.  This electric cement mixer has a handle in the back, so you can dump the cement with one hand while holding on to a bucket with your other hand.  You can also dump the cement into a wheelbarrow, which fits nicely under the cement mixer.  Plug this thing in when you're ready to start mixing concrete, unplug it and wash it down with a hose when you're done.  That's all there is to it.
  • Price.  I recently paid $285 for one of these at a Lowe's in Maine.  When I think of all the time and work that this machine has saved me, that investment has already paid for itself.
User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer, Member Everhope70

I purchased a MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer and I found it to be such poor quality I just have to warn people about it. I got mine from AGR Machinery and their service has been so poor I have to mention them as well. If you look the MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer up on their website the advertising blurb makes this mixer sound like a real winner. Its so far from the truth its dangerous. Right from the start I had trouble. The manual was for a different model and written in Chinese English. It was close enough to get the idea so I pushed on. Most of the components are made from a very soft metal. When putting it together several bolts sheared off and the metal tubing of the main frame was so soft it was easily crushed when trying to tighten bolts. The mixing blades only go in one way, the motor only turns one way. Turning it on for the first time I find the drum is turning the wrong way, according to the manual anyway. An electrician friend of mine says you can't fix that on AC motors. On my first load I found the design of the tilt handle was so poor I injured my elbows trying to operate it. I ended up attaching a long pole across it to give me some leverage. After a few loads the unit just stopped working - right in the middle of a slab - not good. After pulling the motor housing apart I found the motors fan had come off and I guess the motor had over heated. The fan is a soft white plastic thing that pushes onto the motor shaft - no grub screws etc to hold it on. As the motor got hot the plastic melted and the fan slid off leaving the motor with no cooling. Having replaced the fan with a home made job I got my first slab finished. During my second slab the main drive gear started skipping on the drum gear bringing everything to a gut wrenching halt. Not a good sound. Its now apparent that the drum axle is bent and as the drum turns the drum gear pulls away from the drive gear. To get the job done I had to make smaller loads but even at 60 ltr it still skipped. The MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer is advertised as a 200ltr mixer. In the advertising blurb its stated as 200 ltr capacity. If you were foolish enough to put 200 ltr of concrete mix into tis machine I would guarantee it would break off its axle. I was making loads of 95 ltr, just about a wheel barrow load. In the end it couldnít handle a 60 ltr load. By the end of my 2 slabs the mixer is stuffed. The motor is suspect, the drum gears skip all the joins are coming loose. I have been trying to get a refund from AGR Machinery but they tell me they only offer a 2 month refund period. I cannot find this limit to the warranty on their website. The unit has a 12 month warranty but even so they want to charge me $70 to pick it up and fix. This unit is so poor I donít want it fixed, I donít want it at all. I am currently looking for a good second hand one. If you have read this and you are still thinking of buying one consider this. The MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer weights 73kg including packaging. A basic Westmix tradesman quality mixer of Ĺ the capacity ( 3.5 cft or 100ltr) weighs 100Kg. Does half the load but weights 27Kg more. This tells you what kind of quality the MTM 200L / 7 Cft Portable trade Cement Mixer is.

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