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Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers are top dog in landscape design. While annual plants often serve the supplemental role of providing bursts of color to "fill in gaps," we generally brag more about the types of plants in our garden that come back year after year. What types of plants are you seeking information on? Whether you wish to learn more about short plants or tall ones, sun-lovers or shade-lovers, use my articles below to bone up on plant facts -- and then get planting!
  1. Short Perennial Flowers (9)
  2. Cacti and Succulents (8)
  3. Tips on Garden Design (5)
  4. Tall Perennial Flowers (18)
  5. Perennial Flowers for Shade (8)
  6. Long-Blooming Plants (10)

10 Best Perennials for Sun
Are you looking for perennials that perform well in a sunny spot, are cold-hardy, and bring a lot of color to your landscaping? Then you'll want to peruse this list of ten of my favorites.

Adonis Vernalis and Adonis Amurensis
Adonis plants are well-suited to rock gardens, because these perennial flowers crave good drainage. Adonis plants can bear yellow or red blooms. Annual types also exist. Not widely grown, Adonis is one of my personal favorites in the spring landscape.

Columbine comes in numerous colors. Of even greater value than their bold colors is the exquisite shape of columbine blossoms, which my picture will reveal. Learn about the growing requirements for this popular perennial flower here.

Pasqueflower is a low-grower covered with tiny hairs that give it a fuzzy look when it first appears in spring. The beauty of Pasqueflower is that it blossoms early (around Easter), before its leaves emerge.

Types of Perennial Flowers
There are so many types of plants out there to learn about! Not only is there a ton of information you need to know about growing them, but you first have to learn their names (without having the correct name, it's tough to research a plant!). In this article I supply novices with some tricks to help them get the job done.

Hardy Mums
It is specifically the "hardy" mums that work best for residents of cold climates seeking perennial flowers for autumn decorations. Hardy or not, they still do not look after themselves, as you will have to divide and pinch them, as well as supplying them with some protection.

Yarrow Plants: They're Herbs, Too!
Although valued mainly as ornamentals now, yarrow can be classified as a type of herb, because it was used, traditionally, as a medicinal plant. Nowadays, we tend to value these perennial flowers more for their feathery leaves and the "flat-top" look of their blossoms. The plants work well planted in masses along a border.

Let's Define Terms
Beginners may need to learn how to distinguish perennial flowers from annuals and biennials. As distinct from considerations of hardiness and the presence or absence of winter die-back (factors dependent upon where one lives), this definition is based on life-cycle.

'Royal Candles' Veronica (Speedwell) Plants
'Royal Candles' grows in clumps. The plant achieves a very manageable height of around 15 inches. Although these Veronica plants initially blossom in late spring to early summer, you can enjoy the purplish blue spikes for much of the summer if you supply the correct care. Learn about speedwell and how to care for this perennial flower.

Montauk Daisies
Do you sometimes wish Mother Nature would hold back a little bit with the spring and early-summer flowers, saving some of those blooms for later in the season? Enter Montauk daisies, which give you fall flowers and boast many other fine qualities, to boot.

Centaurea Montana 'Amethyst Dream': Perennial Bachelor Buttons
The Centaurea genus encompasses quite a variety of plants, including the weed, knapweed, the annual type of bachelor buttons (cornflower), and various perennials. I describe the perennial, 'Amethyst Dream' here.

Types of Phlox
"Phlox is phlox," you say? Think again! Creeping phlox bears very little resemblance to the later-blooming, taller plants we call "garden phlox." Read about some of the different types of phlox in this collection of resources and bring yourself up to speed on some of my yard's top performers.

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