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Caradonna Salvia Plants


Picture of Caradonna salvia flowers.

Picture of Caradonna salvia flowers. Notice how much lighter the "Blue Hill" cultivar of salvia is, in the background (at right).

David Beaulieu

Taxonomy of Caradonna Salvia Plants:

Plant taxonomy classifies "Caradonna" salvia plants as Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna.' "Caradonna" is the cultivar name. A common name for this flower is "meadow sage."

Plant Type:

Caradonna salvia plants are herbaceous perennials.

Characteristics of Caradonna Salvia Plants:

Caradonna salvia plants reach about 2' in height, with a similar spread. However, foliage comprises only about 1 foot of that height: the rest is taken up by the exquisite flower spikes, which tower above the foliage. The small flowers that mass along the spikes are a deep purplish-blue in color. The spikes are relatively narrow, giving them a delicate appearance. The plants exhibit a rigidly upright growing habit. And even the flower stems themselves are a deep purple, adding to the color display furnished by the flowers.

Sun and Soil Requirements for Caradonna Salvia Plants:

Grow Caradonna salvia flowers in a sunny area with a well-drained soil. Although drought-tolerant once established, a moderate amount of water must be supplied to young plants.

Planting Zones for Caradonna Salvia Plants:

These perennial flowers are best grown in planting zones 4-8.

Care for Caradonna Salvia Plants:

If you deadhead Caradonna salvia flowers (i.e., remove spent blooms), the plants will flower all summer long.

Uses in Landscaping:

Caradonna salvia flowers may be used in cut-flower arrangements, and the dried leaves are fragrant enough to warrant inclusion in potpourris. In the landscape, they make good edging plants, and their medium size makes them useful in the middle row of a layered flower bed.

Wildlife Attracted to Caradonna Salvia Plants:

Plants that attract butterflies, these perennials will also attract bees to your yard, thus promoting pollination in the garden. Happily, deer are not attracted to these deer-resistant perennials.

Outstanding Feature of Caradonna Salvia Plants:

The rigidly upright growing habit, deep purple stems and delicate flower spikes all work together to give Caradonna salvia plants a striking appearance.
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