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Planting Flower Beds


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Why to Install Weed Barriers
Garden staples for securing weed barrier

Garden staples are used to secure weed barriers.

David Beaulieu

Weed barriers are meant to be used in conjunction with garden mulch. The latter not only helps hold weed barriers in place, but also shields them from harmful UV rays.

Like the sheets of black plastic commonly used in weed control, a weed barrier (or "landscape fabric") hampers weeds in their efforts to take over your flower bed. Both are clean and reasonably durable. But unlike black plastic, weed barriers permit air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the soil.

Besides garden mulch, use garden staples (as in the picture above) to hold weed barriers in place.

But with the weed barrier in the way, how will I install the plants? In Step 6, I'll show you how....

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