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Garden Pest Control for Domestic and Garden Pests

Garden pest control preferences vary greatly, especially when it comes to mammalian garden pests. Some people who will think nothing of killing insects will seek humane ways to control rodent or deer pests. Organic or "natural" predilections also come into play. I try to reflect this diversity in my articles.
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Pest Control Methods for Wild Rabbits
Rabbits are generally lumped together with rodents in discussions on garden pest control, but, technically, they are not rodents. Wild rabbits can be trapped, repelled, or fenced out. As a natural pest control measure, you can also simply grow rabbit-proof plants (see link located lower down on this page).

Dog Repellents
All animals that are nuisances in your garden can be called "garden pests," even if they're domestic. It is often necessary to exclude stray dogs from the yard. A problem with repellents that are sprayed on the soil is that you have to reapply them after a rainstorm. But two repellents of this type are available right out of the cupboard.

Cat Repellents
Another pet that can become a garden pest is the domestic cat. In this article I present a number of cat repellents (in the broadest sense) at your disposal. Whether through fencing, spraying water, or other methods, you can minimize cat poop in the yard by implementing these suggestions.

Scarecrow Sprinklers: Humane, Natural Garden Pest Control
Here's an intriguing way to deal with rodent and deer garden pests, trespassing dogs and cats, and even pesky birds. Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinklers blast garden pests with a spray of water to scare them off. The spray does not hurt them, and, being water, it's as "natural" as you can get.

Get Rid of Garden Pests the Humane Way!
Havahart traps are another relatively humane garden pest control product. The Havahart company puts out what are termed "live-traps," an option for the reluctant pest-controller. "Catch and release" is another term that comes to mind. The idea is to release the garden pest far away from your yard, which may or may not be a problem.

Landscaping With Dogs: Avoiding "Dog Spots" on Lawns
Dogs can do a real job on plants, to say nothing of lawns. "Dogscaping" is all about compromising between allowing your dog the use of your yard and having an attractive landscape. If your dog is going to be spending a lot of time in your yard, the first order of business is making an attitude adjustment. Use these tips to begin.

Companion Planting
The benefits of companion planting go beyond garden pest control. Discover how the Iroquois practiced companion planting in pre-Columbian America. These techniques improve the soil, provide a "living mulch" and deter garden pests. That's what I call killing two (actually three) birds with one stone.

Pest Control Product Reviews
It's a good thing we don't stop and think how many garden pests there are to fight out there, else we'd never even start a garden in the first place! Luckily, there are some products at our disposal that make the job of confronting these challenges a little easier. Read my reviews and save money, prevent frustration and keep your family healthy.

Rabbit-Proof Flowers
We have lots of cats in our neighborhood, and whenever I see one, I shake my head, look at my wife, and remark, "Lazy." Why? It's not that I have anything against cats. But we also have a lot of rabbits around, which have inflicted considerable damage on my landscape plants. Aren't cats supposed to hunt rabbits? I've taken matters into my own hands and planted rabbit-proof flowers.

To Kill Ticks, Should I Spray My Yard? Is It the Best Option for Tick Control?
Deer ticks can bring Lyme disease -- and, consequently, a world of health problems for you. So how should you address this issue? I help you mull over your options in this article. One size doesn't fit all, as the best solution for you will depend on your lifestyle.

Deer Resistant Plants
Don't think of "deer-proof" plants in absolute terms, since they are not a rock-solid guarantee against Bambi's depredations; a hungry Bambi will disdain few foods. But by growing such deer-resistant plants as those on this list, you at least play with the odds on your side.

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