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10 Full-Sun Plants

Take Advantage of the Drought-Tolerance of These Perennials


If you have dry, sunny areas on your property and wish to grow plants there, you need to select full-sun plants that are known for their drought-tolerance. Following is a list of perennials that qualify. Many of these perennials are popular in rock gardens.

Examples of Low-Growing, Flowering, Full-Sun Plants

1. Yellow Alyssum Flowers

My first two choices for full-sun plants are both low-growing, mat-forming plants effective as ground covers and popular in rock gardens. The first is yellow alyssum, a perennial not to be confused with annual alyssum. For more on yellow alyssum flowers, please see the following resource:

Yellow Alyssum Flowers

2. Snow-in-Summer Plants

Second on my list of full-sun plants is a rock garden favorite, snow-in-summer. That picturesque name derives from its appearance in bloom, but snow-in-summer is grown just as much for its silvery foliage as for its mass of snow-white flowers. For more on snow-in-summer flowers, please see the following resource:

Snow-in-Summer Plants

Full-Sun Plant for Tactile Delights

3. Lamb's Ear Plants

Another full-sun plant with silvery foliage is lamb's ear. This low-maintenance perennial is not only drought-tolerant, but also deer-resistant. And you won't be able to resist reaching out and stroking its velvety leaves! For more on lamb's ear, please see the following resource:

Lamb's Ear Plants

Examples of Succulent Full-Sun Plants

4. Hens and Chicks Plants

We continue with the "barnyard" theme with the present entry, hens and chicks. Like the following entry, it is a hardy succulent, providing Northern gardeners with an instant "Southwestern" look. For more on hens and chicks, please see the following resource:

Hens and Chicks Plants

5. Stonecrop Plants

The specific stonecrop variety I look at, "Autumn Joy," derives its name from its late blooming period. Those striving for four-season interest in their yards will appreciate the flowers this succulent provides in September. For more on stonecrop, please see the following resource:

Stonecrop Plants

On Page 2 we'll consider the remaining 5 entries in my list of 10 full-sun plants....

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