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Plants for Dry Sunny Areas

Sun Perennials With Low Water Needs


In comparison with the somewhat unusual entries on Page 1, the plants for dry, sunny areas listed on this page are well-known even to non-plant lovers.

Old-Time Perennial Plants for for Dry, Sunny Areas

6. Yarrow Plants

For those of you who are buffs of classic cartoon trivia, yarrow and similar plants (e.g., Queen Anne's lace) may remind you of the villain, "Flat Top," in the Dick Tracy cartoons. Not that there's anything villainous about yarrow! But its flowers do grow in clusters that give this perennial its trademark flat top. For more on yarrow flowers, please see the following resource:

Yarrow Plants

7. Shasta Daisies

The shasta daisy flower "looks the part" of a plant for dry, sunny areas: with ray-like petals radiating from a bright golden disk, each flower is a sun unto itself. But shasta daisies not only look the part, they also play the part of plants for dry, sunny areas. This is one tough flower! For more on shasta daisy flowers, please see the following resource:

Shasta Daisies

8. Coreopsis Plants

In comparing annual and perennial flowers, we find a trade-off. Annuals offer a longer blooming period for one year, while the more ephemeral blooms of perennials offer the consolation of returning in future years. Those dissatisfied with this trade-off are always keeping an eye out for types of perennials that bloom longer. If you fall into this category, you'll love coreopsis. For more on coreopsis flowers, please see the following resource:

Coreopsis Plants

Herb Plants for Dry, Sunny Areas

9. Lavender Flowers

I just love a "two-for-one" deal. In landscaping, that means having a plant serve two purposes (sometimes they can serve more than two!). Lavender is such a plant. Enjoy lavender in your landscape design (e.g., in rock gardens) during the summer, then harvest this aromatic herb and enjoy its fragrance inside during the winter! For more on lavender flowers, please see the following resource:

Lavender Flowers

10. Catnip Plants

Do you have pets? Those of you who share a yard with our canine friends are painfully aware of the challenges posed by landscaping with dogs. But don't make Puss jealous by letting all your landscaping attention go to the dogs! Treat your cats to the delights of catnip (also called, "catmint"), the mighty cat herb! Catnip is an excellent choice for cat owners seeking tough plants for dry, sunny areas. For more on catnip plants, please see the following resource:

Catnip Plants

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