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What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Trees?


Question: What Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Trees?
Although the main purpose of this FAQ series is to answer questions about pruning trees, I will begin and end with a few other, basic issues regarding trees. For instance, many homeowners are looking for advice on tree selection. There are many types of trees, although the two major categories with which I deal are deciduous and evergreen trees....

One could discuss the various types of trees using many different criteria. But in my full article that treats some of the most common types of trees used in landscaping, my criterion is seasonal use. That is, I offer a list of the best types of trees for temperate regions. The list is not set up like a "top 10," with #1 being tops, #2 second best, etc. Rather, I have organized the list around seasonal interest, starting with spring stalwarts and concluding with specimens that afford winter interest.

Some of the most highly sought after types of trees are the fall foliage standouts, headed by the maples. You can see examples of these magnificent specimens in my gallery of fall foliage pictures.

In the next FAQ, I discuss how to plant new trees....

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