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Need Ideas for Landscaping in North Carolina. What Can You Advise on Turf Care?


Question: Need Ideas for Landscaping in North Carolina. What Can You Advise on Turf Care?
Reader, Terry Nelson writes, "We will be moving to North Carolina (outer bank area) this summer, so landscaping in North Carolina is on our minds. We need advice about the new turf care issues and landscaping ideas for our rather plain setting."

Allow me to congratulate you on moving to one of the most beautiful places on the North Carolina coast. The three most significant differences that you may notice with the coastal environment are the soils, climate, and a higher amount of salts which can be present in the water and accumulate in the soil.

If you are establishing new turf, then it will be important to select the right species for the climate and your intended uses. Bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, and St. Augustinegrass are reasonable choices. Centipedegrass is a good option if you desire lower maintenance in your turf care. Seashore paspalum may be a good option if a higher degree of salt tolerance is required.

As with any climate and/or area, proper turf care is key to a healthy stand. A few things to keep in mind for turf care in coastal areas are that sandy soils will not hold water or nutrients as readily, that winds may be more frequent (which may affect irrigation application and turf water needs), and that salts may need to be managed as a function of water quality, ensuring that they do not accumulate in the soil.

Source: the lawn care experts at John Deere.

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