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How Do You Plant on Sloping Land?


Question: How Do You Plant on Sloping Land?
Reader, Irma writes, "I like the information you have given, but I am very glad you are going to add pictures. Pictures help a lot when a person has no idea what a plant looks like. If a person lives in a location that is sloping, is it best to plant on the side of the slope, like they do in other countries?"

I'll address the issue of sloping land in a moment. First, though, let me mention that those of you who are new to my About.com Landscaping site may wish to thumb through my collections of landscaping pictures. Unless you've been with me from Day One and have read every one of my landscaping newsletters or browsed extensively on my site, there's a good chance you'll discover something in my photo galleries you've never seen before.

When you picture plantings on sloping land, the image that probably comes to mind is that of a terraced slope. On a small scale and for a moderate slope, it is possible for the average homeowner to terrace sloping land using a series of small retaining walls. However, if the project is grander and involves significant labor and planning, then it is perhaps best left to professionals.

A more feasible way for the DIY'er to landscape sloping land, in most cases, is to install an appropriate ground cover. One that is especially adept at holding back soil on sloping land is blue rug juniper.

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