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How Do You Make Small Waterfalls?


Question: How Do You Make Small Waterfalls?
Reader, proautomik writes, "I would like to learn how to build a small waterfall (that's low cost) for a small pond in the Michigan climate."

I have an article about making low-cost, small waterfalls. The example I use calls for 25-30 rocks to build the small waterfall; I explain how to assemble it. I also discuss setting up a small pond and installing the pump. This water feature is designed so that it can easily be taken apart for winterization in a cold climate (except for the rocks, which stay in place).

What should you plant near a pond? If the ground is wet due to spray from your fountain, you'll want to grow plants suited to such conditions. In another resource, I discuss a few plants for wet areas that are native to my region, the Northeast (U.S.).

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