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Readers Share Their Experiences

My readers boast a wealth of knowledge through experience on the various sub-topics of landscaping. And now you can tap into those experiences and/or share some of your own. Consider this new resource just another gateway to the Landscaping community here at About.com.

Most Useful Tools for Landscaping
Do you have a favorite tool, something that you've used in your landscaping efforts for some time now without any complaints? I know that I, myself have some "old reliables," tools that I come back to again and again because they always get the job done for me. What about you? See submissions

What Are Your Favorite Plants?
In this resource, my About.com readers answer the question, What are your favorite plants? Learn what makes certain plants favorites (color, ability to attract wildlife, etc.). Use this resource to help you with your own plant selection. Or if you wish to participate, share your own knowledge with us. See submissions See submissions See submissions

Plant of the Month for March
There is so much hope when March finally rolls around again. Old Man Winter has been put to bed for another year, and we have the first plants of the new growing season to look forward to. Care to tell us about your favorites? Or perhaps you'd just like some ideas from others about what to plant for this special time of the year?

Best Plants for the 4 Seasons of the Year
Part of the joy in landscaping for me is figuring out a way to create visual interest in the yard year-round. I live in a place (New England, USA) with four distinct seasons, and I want to savor all of them fully. Here are some thoughts from readers on attaining a colorful yard for the four seasons.

Landscape Plant Guide
Readers of my Landscaping website submitted FAQs, from which I selected those that would be relevant to the widest audience. The result is this landscape plant guide -- a Q & A revealing plant facts that will be helpful on a number of issues, ranging from selection and care to how to tackle problem areas in the yard.

Unusual Yard Art
When I'm out on my travels I observe yard art I come across in folks' landscapes. While plants can say a lot about their planters, perhaps art selection reveals even more. Many pieces catch my eye as being highly unusual (doesn't mean I'd choose them for my own yard, but they are interesting). Have anything to say about yard-art usage? Speak up!

Plants for Rock Gardens
People typically pick plants for rock gardens because they are drought tolerant and prefer excellent drainage. But if you grow a rock garden, maybe you used different criteria for picking plants. Either way, let us know which plants you chose to grow -- and what the reasons were behind your selection. See submissions See submissions

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