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Rock Gardens and Ideas for Landscaping Them

Rock gardens are very popular, and it's easy to see why. Do you have a dry, rocky slope that you don't know what to do with? Use it for a rock garden. Or maybe you want to create such a feature from scratch, on flat ground? I show you how to do that, too. Peruse these rock-garden articles for some great landscaping ideas.

How to Build Rock Gardens -- Tutorial, With Pictures
Would you like step-by-step instructions informing you on how to build rock gardens? Then this tutorial will be your cup of tea. Much attention is paid here to color choices -- color being an important aspect of rock gardens. And where color is at issue, there should be plenty of photos, correct? This tutorial won't disappoint.

Rock Garden Design
If you have a rocky slope, then a rock garden presents itself naturally as a landscape solution. But if rock-less inclines form your problem areas, consider importing stone and building from scratch. This is just one of the considerations covered in this FAQ on rock garden design.

Rock Garden Plants
Composing a list of rock garden plants is not the same as composing, say, a list of plants in the Aster family. Whereas the latter is a matter of scientific classification, the former is more subjective. But there are still some common-sense considerations to keep in mind when selecting rock garden plants.

Rock Garden Plants That are Deer-Resistant
In making a rock garden, you typically select plants that are drought-tolerant (because rocky soil drains quickly). But here's another factor to consider when selecting plants: Are deer pests a scourge in your region? If so, be sure to grow plants that are also deer-resistant. Here are some choices.

Landscaping Ideas for Rock Gardens
Do you need some landscaping ideas for rock gardens? Let my readers help, too! The ideas in this piece are submitted by readers just like you. Or maybe you'd like to put your own two cents in? Be my guest. If, in addition to thoughts, you also have a photo of your rock garden to show us, then use the link below ("Plants for Rock Gardens").

Plants for Rock Gardens
My readers are a very astute bunch, and here's a chance for you to strut your stuff. If you grow a rock garden, tell us which plants you chose and what your rationale was for selecting them. I mentioned drought-tolerance above, but maybe you had different reason? Include a photo of your masterpiece! See submissions See submissions

Japanese Rock Gardens: Plants, Stone, Gravel
Here's a picture of a Japanese rock garden, in the Zen style -- wonderously simple in its complexity. The picture is accompanied by a brief explanation of the Japanese rock garden's ability to evoke a contemplative mood. The Zen style is minimalist, with individual elements (plants, stones, gravel) sublimated for the sake of the "whole picture."

Moss and Rock Gardens: A Happy Alliance
Have some shady areas in your rock garden that give you fits? Having trouble finding a suitable plant to grow there? Moss may be just the plant to grow. It's low-growing and it can spread: two features much sought-after in many rock gardens. Learn about some options here.

Perennial Plants for the Rock Garden
The Garden Helper.com offers this highly detailed table displaying the hardiness, sun requirements, water requirements, height, common and botanical names, and growth characteristics of perennials popular for rock gardens.

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