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Growing Rose Bushes

Many people think of growing rose bushes as a difficult garden task. But learning a few common-sense measures can go a long way toward minimizing problems. If you add to this the fact that varieties do exist that have been bred to be less problematic, then there's really no reason why you shouldn't be able to grow these beautiful shrubs.

Candy Oh! Vivid Red Roses
The "Vivid Red" in the name is a good beginning in describing Rosa 'Zlemartincipar' (that's the botanical moniker). These roses also have nice yellow centers and bloom continuously. But that only tells part of the story. I tell you in my article why you really need to grow this plant.

What Black Roses Mean and 10 Other Facts About Roses
My collection of facts about roses has a little for everybody. For instance, if you have put off growing roses because you think they're hard to care for, I present the best type of rose for you to plant. But there's cultural information here, too, ranging from pop references to word derivations.

How to Grow Rose Bushes
With all their bad press, are you too scared to attempt growing rose bushes? It's not as difficult as you think. In this article I supply the fundamental knowledge you will need to grow them. For example, learn about what kind of soil rose bushes need, how to water and prune them, dealing with pests and winterizing rose bushes.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
But before you can grow rose bushes, you need to select the types you wish to grow. No sense rushing into the commitment willy-nilly. With so many choices, how does one choose? Pictures are a good place to start. This gallery of AARS selections furnishes a sampling of some of the best plants available and features a wide assortment of colors.

Growing Rose Bushes in a Nutshell
This guide to the basics of growing rose bushes highlights and condenses one portion of the longer article listed at the top of this page. It's geared to beginners who might not have time to read the longer piece, as well as to those who have grown these shrubs in the past but who need a quick refresher on certain points.

Pruning Information
Marie Iannotti admits that pruning rose bushes is intimidating for beginners. But About's Gardening Guide reassures us that "it is very hard to kill a rose" bush through improper pruning. Her article on how to prune roses will get beginners going in the right direction. After that, it's just a matter of time and practice.

Another Challenge: Shade
Rose bushes in a shade garden? Certainly not the norm, correct? But, observes Marie Iannotti, "if your garden doesn't quite get the 5-6 hours of full sun usually recommended" for growing rose bushes, selecting varieties that are relatively shade-tolerant may be the solution to your problem. Find out about such varieties in this helpful article.

David Austin Choices
Looking for rose bushes for shady positions? Or maybe you're seeking expert picks for specimen shrubs, for hedges, for impenetrable barriers? Expert, David Austin has all the information here, including information for the different hardiness zones, so that you can make an informed decision before buying.

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