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Types of Roses

Rose Pictures Presenting a Variety of Colors


Depending upon whom you ask, the types of roses available could be classified in a number of ways. The lay person will be interested primarily in matters such as:

  • Types of roses based on flower color
  • Which bear flowers that are fragrant?
  • Which plants are disease-resistant?
  • Types of roses based on plant form (tree, bush or vine)

AARS (All-America Rose Selections) lists its types of roses as follows:

  • Floribunda
  • Hybrid tea
  • Grandiflora
  • Shrub and landscape
  • Climber
  • Miniature
  • Tree

"Landscape" roses are among the easiest to grow. An example is Candy Oh! Vivid Red.

The pictures in the photo gallery that follows provide examples of some of the types of roses available. Many are AARS picks; accordingly, the information supplied about them is based on AARS descriptions (when available), as well as from observation. Unless otherwise indicated, quotes come from AARS. My focus primarily is on color. But qualities other than color are also touched upon. All examples were found in zone 5, so the reader can assume a hardiness to at least that zone.

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Picture of an orange rose. A bicolor flower as the photo shows, this orange rose is an AARS pick.Orange RosePink rose picture. "Bonica" bears pink roses on a shrubby bush.Picture of Light Pink RosesTwo-tone rose petal picture. "Cherry Parfait" is a type of rose with two-tone petals.Picture of Rose With Two-Tone PetalsPicture of apricot rose. Teasing Georgia is called a yellow rose but may end up more apricot.Apricot Rose
Picture of peach rose. As the photo shows, the peach rose here is really a combination of colors (orPeach Rose PicturePicture of a crimson rose. "Falstaff," a David Austin recommended variety, is a crimson color rose.Crimson Color Roses"Tahitian Sunset" is an apricot-pink rose. This peach color hybrid tea exudes a licorice fragrance.Apricot-Pink RosePicture of a coral-pink rose. "Rainbow Knock Out" is a single-blooming coral color rose.Coral Rose Picture
Picture of red rose. "Interama" has a classic red rose color.Red Rose PictureYellow rose picture. "Julia Child" is a yellow rose of the floribunda variety.Yellow RosePicture of a multicolor rose. The "Mardi Gras" multicolor rose is a mix of orange and pink, with a bMulti-Color RosePicture of white roses. These white roses are named for Pope John-Paul II.Picture of White Roses
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