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Shrub Problems

Problems With Flower Buds, Yellow Leaves, Etc.


Many readers inform me about their shrub problems, etc. through email and through my website. Some of the more common difficulties reported concern flower buds (be it the paucity of flower buds on bushes or the failure of flower buds to open) and the presence of yellow leaves in summer. The following questions about shrub health, etc. (and the corresponding answers) are adapted from such sources as forum posts, email exchanges, and comments on my landscaping blog:

Why Isn't My Wisteria Blooming?

Why Won't My Lilacs Bloom?

The Flower Buds on My Old Lilacs Are Too High Up to Enjoy. How Should I Trim Overgrown Lilacs?

Why Are My Rose of Sharon Flower Buds Not Opening?

Why Are My Azaleas Not Blooming?

Why Are the Leaves on My Rose of Sharon Turning Yellow?

Do Some Shrubs have Poisonous Berries or Toxic Leaves?

What Is Root Pruning and How Can It Help My Old Shrubs?

How Can I Tell a Male Holly Apart From a Female Holly?

On Page 2 we'll see the answers to some other common shrub problems....

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