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When Do You Prune Holly?


Question: When Do You Prune Holly?
Part of the fun of growing hollies is admiring the holly berries. So gear pruning holly to your preferences for viewing the berries....

Pruning hollies begins with the recognition that hollies bloom on old wood. Consequently, any floral buds (whether on a male or female holly shrub) located on the branches you prune off are buds that won't open next year, resulting in reduced pollination and fewer holly berries.

So when is the best time to prune hollies? Well, the dormant season is a good time to prune but, beyond that, it's really a matter of taste. Some people prune holly in early winter, since they wish to bring the trimmed stems -- with their holly berries -- inside for the holidays, to enjoy in the house. Others prune holly later in winter, because they prefer their display of holly berries outside.

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