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When's the Best Time to Prune Lantana?


Picture of lantana plant.

Picture of lantana plant.

David Beaulieu
Question: When's the Best Time to Prune Lantana?
Zone 7 is a borderline zone for lantana shrubs. In some areas of zone 7, lantana leaves stay green throughout the winter. In others, although the plants remain alive (underground), the foliage turns brown in winter. How might this distinction affect a decision regarding the best time for pruning lantana...?

If lantana is an evergreen in your area, it probably makes sense to restrict any heavy pruning to the spring season. You might as well profit from its evergreen quality and enjoy it as a ground cover during the winter season.

If, on the other hand, your lantana's leaves turn brown and the plant dies back to bare wood when freezing temperatures arrive, there's not much point in waiting till spring before pruning. Take the opportunity to prune your lantana down by as much as to within 6-12 inches of ground level. Leaves will re-emerge in spring. Lantana isn't harmed at all by such a drastic pruning, and the result will be more compact lantana shrubs.

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