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Do Some Shrubs Bear Poisonous Berries or Seeds? Toxic Leaves?


Question: Do Some Shrubs Bear Poisonous Berries or Seeds? Toxic Leaves?
There are many poisonous shrubs, and it's best always to err on the side of caution, especially if you have small children. Some shrubs bear poisonous berries or seeds, while with others, it may be toxic leaves (or roots, bark, etc.) that present a danger. Still other shrubs may have multiple poisonous parts...

For example, many people realize that lantana bears poisonous berries but may be unaware that, indeed, all of this shrub's parts (including the leaves) are considered toxic.

With Mexican bird of paradise shrubs (and similar plants), it is poisonous seeds that are a cause for concern.

Two common shrubs make my list of poisonous plants (a brief introduction that provides some idea of the diversity of poisonous plants). One (yew) is especially tricky to discuss, as it bears, for all intents and purposes, poisonous berries. Technically, it's only the seed that's toxic: the flesh, itself of the red berry is not. But any berries with toxic seeds qualify as "poisonous berries," in my book. The other (mountain laurel) is related to a notorious wild bush named "lambkill."

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