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Driveway Snow Removal

There's a lot to be said for reading my musings below on choices for driveway snow removal. I've lived in a snowy region (New England, U.S.) all my life, and I've explored this topic from various angles. I've shoveled a lot of driveways, myself, but also know what it's like to try to hire someone else to shovel or plow.
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Aluminum Snow Shovels
One winter I conducted a test, using both an aluminum snow shovel and plastic shovels to remove snow from my driveway. For an aluminum model, I used the Ames True Temper Arctic Blast. Read my review to learn how I rated the Ames product and to see what conclusions I arrived at in my aluminum vs. plastic comparison.

Snow Shoveling Tips
Ah, snow: where would we be without it? From my own perspective, "somewhere better" is the best way to answer that question! But seriously, even if you are a skier and drive around with a "Think snow!" bumper sticker on your car, removing Old Man Winter's frozen deposit isn't exactly fun, is it? Read my tips to learn how to get the job done right.

Toro 1500 Power Curve Electric Snowblower
The Toro 1500 Power Curve electric snowblower is a nice little machine for those with minor snow-removal needs. Read my review to learn if it's the right piece of winter landscaping equipment for you.

How to Find Someone to Shovel Snow
My elderly mom lives alone in her own home. She's very independent and can do most of the things she needs to do by herself. But there are 2 yard-care jobs that somebody else has to do for her: mowing and snow removal. It's a constant battle for us to find reliable help. Here are some tricks I've learned about finding someone to shovel for you.

Gas Snowblowers
"A gas snowblower is a gas snowblower," you say? Think again. There are different types available, and which kind you select can make a difference; one factor to take into account is where you live. I am not talking brands here but rather stages.

Review: Electric Snowblowers
As I indicated above, a comparison of plastic and aluminum can be fruitful when trying to select a snow shovel. Likewise, when it comes to shopping for a snowblower, I think it helpful to make a comparison -- this time, between electric and gas. Both have their pros and cons, as I relate in this review.

Snow-Melt Systems, or "Heated Driveways"
Call me a dreamer. I dream about not having to shovel anymore. I'd just as soon do without snowblowers and snowplows, too. What, am I thinking of moving south? No. My dream is to let radiant heat clear my driveway for me during a New England winter. Oh, wait, that's actually not a mere dream: such a thing already exists!

Driveway Snow Removal: An Exploration of Choices
Here is my overview of the choices you have for driveway snow removal. I evaluate each, stating their respective pros and cons. I think you will find Page 3 of the article of particular interest, as I go into detail there about what to look for when hiring snowplow contractors.

Ice-Melt Products: Salt for Ice Melting
Snow is one thing; ice is another. It is hard to say which holds more trouble in store for us during the wintertime. In some ways, ice is more dangerous (especially when it lies under the snow), causing extremely slippery conditions that easily lead to injury. For your convenience, here are some links to ice-melt products you can buy online.

How to Select a Snow Blower
Which snow blower is right for you? That depends. What kind of climate do you have, what kind of driveway, etc.? This guide helps you make the right decision by posing the necessary questions to you, so you don't have to think them up for yourself.

How to Remove Snow: Are Snowblowers Worth Buying?
Some people assume that using a snowblower is the best way to remove snow. A closer examination of the issue reveals, however, that buying a snowblower isn't always the answer. Read this article before you waste money on a machine that collects dust most of the year.

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