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I'm Disabled. Can You Summarize the Ways to Get Rid of Snow Without Shoveling?


Question: I'm Disabled. Can You Summarize the Ways to Get Rid of Snow Without Shoveling?
Is shoveling snow something you're physically incapable of doing? There are alternatives, luckily, and this FAQ suggests a few of them, including hiring someone else to shovel for you:

Here is the scenario:

There's just been a major snowstorm. You need to have a walkway on your property cleared; but due to health issues, shoveling snow, yourself is out of the question. So what are your alternatives?

In a separate article, I lay out, in detail, how to go about finding someone to shovel snow for you. The task of hiring someone else to shovel for you is not nearly as easy as it might at first appear. So along with my tips, arm yourself with something else: persistence!

Or perhaps, although being unable to shovel snow, yourself, you still wish to be in control of the snow-removal operation in your yard? Some of the more popular alternatives are:

  1. Using a snowblower
  2. Using a snow plow
  3. Hiring someone to plow your driveway

In my article on snow removal equipment, I discuss each of these alternatives for removing snow from your property in greater detail. For information specifically about hiring a snowplow contractor, pay special attention to Page 3 of that article.

For those who do not mind considering an alternative that is kind of "out there," read up on snow-melt systems. For obvious reasons, this won't be a viable alternative for the average person, but I present the information for the few to whom it could be applicable.

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