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How Do You Stay Warm Shoveling Snow?


Question: How Do You Stay Warm Shoveling Snow?
Staying warm while shoveling snow is a concern, since frostbite is possible in extreme cases. Here's how to stay warm while shoveling snow:

Dress in layers when shoveling snow, especially up top. The layers trap warm air, effectively insulating your body. For example, to keep your torso warm, wear:

  1. A long underwear top
  2. A sweatshirt
  3. An insulated vest

Dressed in this manner, you will stay warm while shoveling snow but maintain your flexibility. An insulated vest works better than a long winter coat, because such a vest impedes your movements less. Since shoveling snow is essentially a "workout," flexibility is important.

Besides dressing in layers, be sure to keep your head and extremities warm while shoveling snow. Most of our body heat escapes through the head, making it critical to wear a warm winter hat on very cold days. Wear gloves that are warm but flexible. Wear water-proof boots and insulated socks so that your feet stay warm while you're shoveling snow.

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