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Top 3 Ice-Melt Products: "Salt" for Ice Melting


Keep driveways, porches and other hardscape surfaces safe this winter with these ice-melt products, including alternatives to rock salt. These alternatives are not only more eco-friendly than salt, but they're also safer to use around pets and children. The first entry below is just such an alternative. The second entry will facilitate the task of spreading the granules of such products.

1. Ice-Melt Products: Salt Alternative for Ice Melting

Salts used to melt ice can harm children, pets and plants. Instead of "salting" your driveway, use a safe ice melting product. Safe Paw Ice Melt is an alternative to salt for ice melting and is eco-friendly.

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2. Ice-Melt Spreaders

People who need to melt ice on long driveways may wish to use ice-melt spreaders to facilitate application. These work rather like fertilizer spreaders. Salt Dogg has a 200-lb. capacity, covers a wide area and offers good control.

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3. Qik Joe Ice Melt

9 lb. bag of ice melt. Container has spout for easy application. This is a calcium chloride product, so avoid contact with skin or eyes, ingestion, or inhaling the dust. According to the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, calcium chloride "is much less toxic to plants than common salt, but can 'burn' plants if applied heavily."

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