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Spring Gardens: Preparation, Plant Selection, Care

Who doesn't appreciate spring gardens? Whether your favorite plants are spring-flowering bulbs like Scilla or other vernal wonders like creeping phlox and Pasque flower, you'll find information here to ensure that you are getting the most out of your plantings. My FAQ will inform you about such matters as when to remove mulch from perennials.

Spring Garden Tutorial: Starting From Scratch
To open up a new bed, evaluate such factors as the sunlight conditions and the soil in the spot you have chosen. I walk beginners through the basic steps here. Learn about improving poor soil by making compost, how to tackle an area overgrown with weeds from scratch, how to figure out what you should be planting and more.

Spring Flowers
Bulb plants aren't alone in furnishing spring gardens with beautiful blooms. When we most need a "lift," after surviving the long winter, various other types of flowers emerge to delight us, too. This article introduces some good companion plants to grow with your spring bulbs to achieve the ultimate vernal display.

Dogwood Trees and My Top 10 for Spring Gardens
Many criteria were used to rank plants in this Top 10 list of plants for spring gardens, including showiness of bloom, foliage interest, multi-season color, novelty of branching pattern and ability to attract wild birds.

Spring Bulb Plants
Spring bulb plants are the "poster children" for spring gardens, not least of all because they're some of the earliest plants to bloom in the new growing season. Learn about some of the most popular kinds of bulbs in this article, which links to more detailed information on each plant.

How to Open Up Flower Beds in Lawn Areas
Many of us want more extensive flower beds, but there's one thing in our way: grass. Many readers ask me if there's an easy, cheap way to open up flower beds in lawn areas, without resorting to chemical herbicides. This article explains precisely how to do just that.

A Sample Planting Bed
A big part of the necessary preparation for growing plants lies in selecting exactly what you wish to grow, determining how to distribute the plants you've selected in a particular planting bed, and figuring out how to keep weeds from overwhelming your garden later. Using pictures, this tutorial offers suggestions, showing the work required for...

Preparation and Care for Spring Gardens
If you're new to landscaping, you may be wondering what preparation needs to be undertaken for starting spring gardens, and what ongoing care will then be required annually. This FAQ is a good place to begin learning the answers to your questions. Learn about mulching, fertilizing, pruning and more.

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